Aberystwyth Holiday Village – Park Rules & Regulations

We hope your stay with us will be an enjoyable one, so we ask for your compliance with the park rules set out below for your own safety and comfort of other guests around you.

  • Caravans are for holiday use only, cannot be lived in or used as a base for work.
  • Caravans must be insured and owners are responsible for obtaining gas and electrical tests when due.
  • If at any point you wish to sell your caravan you must first inform the office.
  • Caravans and garden area must be maintained and kept clean and tidy. Any work you wish to carry out on the outside area of your caravan must be authorised by the office first.
  • Electric cars cannot be charged on site. Bikes, scooters and other no – motorised ride on equipment are allowed, but consideration must be shown to other road users.
  • During the closed period no work / maintenance is allowed on the caravans unless an emergency, winter storm damage etc , but must notify the office prior for confirmation.
  • No sign written / work vehicles allowed on site.
  • No washing of cars allowed. No hose pipes. No pressure washers.
  • Please keep your speed limit to 10mph whilst on park as many children are out playing.
  • Please respect your neighbours at all times of day and night, loud music and rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated. If we feel your behaviour is illegal, offensive, disruptive or inappropriate or is disturbing other guests, we will ask you to leave the park.
  • The River Rheidol runs alongside our park, it’s a great facility, but can be dangerous as it is a tidal river and water levels and currents can change quickly. Parents and guardians are responsible for advising on the dangers of the river and responsible for their children`s supervision at all times.
  • All children must be supervised by parents or another responsible adult whilst on park. Our facilities are not childcare facilities and children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times and must be supervised accordingly. Please always know where your children are.
  • Barbecues are allowed, but must be self-contained, off the floor and kept under control. Under no circumstances are there to be any fires/ fire pits/ chimineas of any description, this includes fires within barbeques. Please dispose of COLD barbeque waste in the appropriate bins around the park.
  • DOGS, well trained dogs are allowed onsite. The Aberystwyth
    Holiday Village reserve the right to refuse permission on any grounds and in particular to refuse certain breeds (including, but not limited to dogs listed under the Dangerous Dog Act) A maximum of 2 dogs per caravan will be considered for permission. Permission for any animal may be withdrawn at any time, if the dog/ dogs are a nuisance and if you are requested to do so by The Aberystwyth Holiday Village the dog must be removed from the park immediately.
  • Dogs must be on a short lead at all times and under the control of a responsible adult at all times.
  • With the exception of guide dogs and assistance dogs, dogs and other pets are not allowed in any of the parks facilities including swimming pool, food serveries and any buildings on the park. Owners are responsible for the behaviour of their pets at all times.
  • It is strictly forbidden for dogs to be exercised around the park, exercise only in the dog walk or off site. If your dog fouls, please clean up immediately, this includes the dog walk area.
  • No dogs are allowed in or around the play park area, if we think your dog is causing a nuisance to anyone or causing damage you will be required to remove it off the park.
  • For health and safety reasons some of our facilities and activities may have an age and / or height restriction. Children under the age of eight must be accompanied in the swimming pool by a responsible adult and one adult may not supervise more than 2 children under the age of eight. If any child over the age of eight cannot swim unaided then a responsible adult must accompany them in the swimming pool. For queries regarding the swimming pool please see the pool attendant.
  • We may have to close facilities (eg, for health and safety reasons, maintenance or reasons out of our control)
  • Entertainment and use of our facilities is subject to availability and capacity and from time to time we may have to withdraw or change entertainment or close facilities , we are not liable to you if we have to do so.
  • You are not permitted to bring your own alcohol, drinks or food into any of the facility buildings.

We will do everything we can to make sure you enjoy your stay with us, but sometimes things can go wrong. If this happens please tell us at reception straight away so that we can address any issues and you can continue to enjoy your stay.